1. [Super Support stockings]

Exhaustion and swelling can result from poor circulation. You feel good when your arches and ankles are massaged because you're actually helping to push older blood back to the heart. Super Support incorporates this feature in stockings.

Super Support stockings are made with fibers that are two to ten times thicker than those used in ordinary stockings, and in order to lend the air of transparency, they are woven in a net pattern, which makes them much stronger. This makes it possible for you to use Super Support stockings for longer periods of time, making them more economical as well.

2. [Foot Care Support]
This is a stocking for night that accelerates the flow of blood and lymph during sleep without any load.
far-infrared radiation and negative ion are woven in fibers.
You can wake up in feeling refreshment of body without feeling sticky or cold.
The parts of calf are double weaven and support well.
3. [High Socks]
High-pressure support of this socks help to promote a blood circulation and improve exhaution and swelling.
This is designed to fit pressure points and also push arch of a foot.
Recommending to person who gets swelling easily, exhaution, working with standing, is desk worker and    lack of exercise.
4. [Toeless High Socks]
Feeling comfortable in toes free.
For callus or foot corn.
[Elomoi L'Enfant]

Botanical materials are used as surfactants, which means this detergent is easy on the environment and on people too. You can rest assured when washing delicate fabrics with this detergent. It's perfect for undergarments, lingerie and silk items.

The use of natural silk essence means that your clothing is gently cared for. The clothing ends up feeling luxuriously soft, even without the use of a softener.

Enzymes work hard to remove stubborn protein-based stains.

It works well with all hard-water types; no need to use any water softeners.

Made without fragrances, your clothing smells only like clean clothing.

It's concentrated, so it won't take too much space like other liquid formulas.