Based on our studies of women's body types, the nine fabric panels in the garment are specially cut to create an ideal waistline
Flexible coil bones are used in the seams between seven of the fabric panels to stabilize the hip and create a lovelier figure.
By inserting the coil bones diagonally, we eliminate the feeling of upward pressure when bending, making for a cut that doesn't rub against the sidebone.
The stomach and the abdomen area appear slimmer since the material used in the front (Ester-Half/Leaver Lace) does not stretch.

The garment creates a lovely bodyline in harmony with the roundness of the woman's stomach and abdomen area.

Area support can be found with the wearing of the daytime and evening models.

This is the only garment that can be adjusted while worn, making it especially effective for a women's menstrual period and back pains.

(purple, black, mocha)

(champagne, chocolate)