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Miracle Photo & Depyl brings you face treatment & depilation easily and safe at home.
◇ Face Treatment(PHOTO)
Visible light irradiation
◇ Depilation(DEPYL)
Visible light irradiation
All living things whether animals and plants are consisted from cells. Each of them keeps the life with blessing of the sun since it was born. It was documented scientifically in the early 20th and then it began to develop equipments to be able to beam artificial sunlight. UV ray or infrared ray are produced in that process. We apply "visible light irradiation" which effects most important roles such as immune system or natural healing power of cells into a beauty system.
Before irradiation In irradiation After irradiation
Skin condition having freck and age spot with melanin pigment deposition caused by dry or UV ray.
You irradiate Photo facial. The power of light effects the spots!
Makes your skin invigorate!!
Let's start self light beauty care!!