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Elemoi Parfeit is a multi-featured full-body beauty system that uses ultrasound, low frequency, ionic and cooling treatments. Not only is it good for your skin, but it can also help you lose weight in key areas, improve the appearance of your hips and bust, and give your body the professional treatment simply and easily.
By providing the surface of the skin and the cells with one million ultrasound vibrations every second, your body is able to promote cell regeneration as it becomes ready to more easily burn fat away. It also works to restore dull skin to its former beauty. * The heat generated by ultrasound treatments works gently on irritated skin, working effectively against slackened skin.
Low frequency waves gently stimulate your nerves and massage your muscles. The contraction of your muscles will also contribute to the burning of calories. * When used in conjunction with ultrasound treatments you can expect more effective weight loss in the key areas and hip and bust appearance improvements.
Your skin is able to protect your body against foreign substances. This is why beauty treatment ingredients never permeate beyond the dermis. Ionic treatments ionize beauty ingredients, allowing them to penetrate deeper and deeper within you.
Ultrasound treatments can warm your skin, allowing your pores to open and expel wastes. Cooling treatments cause your skin to contract, closing the pores to prevent dirt from entering them. The use of ultrasound and cooling treatments together is not unlike the effect of a sauna treatment.