Gilded transparent soap is made with many natural ingredients. Delicately foaming remove excess oil or dirt on your face and leave you with a truly clean feel. You can use from washing face, hair to whole body.
Essence is made for iontophoresis leading cell level. It controls ion balance on the surface of your skin. This works excellent moisture retention and water retentivity. And leave enough moist and oil after washing face. This brings youthful skin with good balanced as daily use essence.
Daily skin-care is very important for having a beautiful morning. What is the most necessary things are cleansing and moisture retention. We support your bright skin with the two steps of soap and essence. Ions of gilded promotes metabolism by acted in concert with ions of body. (Ion makes action of corpuscle in the blood activily.)
collagen   isoflavone
hyaluronic acid   desoxyribonucleic acid potassium salt
elastin   dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
squalane  perilla extact
placenta extract  taha essence
mulberry bark extract gold leaf