Thinning hair causing poor circulation and hair cell. Alopecia causing dry of scalp or over oil stuck your pores. This is a hair growth tonic containing excellent components to approach to the deep part of scalp directly and grow fine hair for those scalp problems.
You can impregnate it directly with the parts such as thinning hair which you anxious or you can put it in some parts of over whole hair and then have a massage.
Capsicum extract and asian ginseng extract activate and improve poor circulation of scalp. To prevent from aging of cell at the same time alopecia and grow fine hair.
Hyaluronic acid and moisture retention of natural components work for your scalp to make it soft and treat it well. Tocopherol and sialid extarct containing excellent promotion of circulation effect and solarization 301containing hair growth effect work hair cells to grow healthy hair.
Hinoki thiol and germicidal action of sycon extract keep clean and prevent from scurf and itch. At the same time, it also prevents from alopecia causing over oil stuck your pores. Two kinds of natural component support excellent antiinflammatory effect of active element glycyrrhizinate It treats scalp in good health and prevent from rough dry skin and inflammation.